Organization details


Meets at: 5th Floor Auditorium

Meets when: Every 3rd Thursday 9:00 AM

The Commission is the administrative and governing authority of SCDOT.
It is composed of nine members: one member from each Congressional District and two at-large members.
The District members are appointed by the Governor, subject to approval of the legislative delegations of their respective Districts.
The at-large members are appointed by the Governor, subject to approval by a separate confirmation vote in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Current members:
First name Last name Function Since
T.J. Johnson Commissioner - First Congressional District 05/15/2023 T.J. Johnson's bio
William B. Dukes Commissioner - Second Congressional District 08/03/2021 William B. Dukes's bio
Max K. Metcalf Commissioner - Fourth Congressional District 06/10/2022 Max K. Metcalf's bio
Curtis Spencer Commissioner - Fifth Congressional District 02/14/2024 Curtis Spencer's bio
J. Barnwell Fishburne Commissioner - Sixth Congressional District 05/04/2018 J. Barnwell Fishburne's bio
Tony K. Cox Commissioner - Seventh Congressional District 02/22/2018 Tony K. Cox's bio