Agenda Items
Number Description Department
A 12/2022 Meeting Adjournment
P 1/2022 Secretary of Transportation Report
A 11/2022 Election of Vice Chairman
A 10/2022 Election of Chairman
A 8/2022 Safety Program Realignment
A 7/2022 21-Day Public Comment Period - Bridges - Deputy Secretary Colvin
A 6/2022 Revision of the 2021-2027 STIP--Highway
A 5/2022 21-Day Public Comment Period - Highways - Deputy Secretary Rewis
A 4/2022 Approval of Dec 9 2021 Audit Committee Meeting Minutes
A 3/2022 Approval of Minutes and Actions
A 2/2022 Approval of Meeting Agenda (Action Required) - Chairman Fishburne
P 34/2021 Follow Up on Management Action Plans - Director LaBruyere and Senior Manager Wilkins
P 33/2021 Quarterly Status of Internal Audits - Director LaBruyere
P 32/2021 2022-2023 Audit Plan - Director LaBruyere, Senior Manager Wilkins, and Manager Heath
P 31/2021 Procurement Card Monthly Monitoring - Manager Heath
A 96/2021 Adjourn
A 95/2021 Executive Session Pursuant to S.C. Code Section 30-4-70(a)(3) to Receive Management Information on Security Plans - Chairman McLawhorn
A 92/2021 Approval of Agenda
P 30/2021 Capability Assessment SCDOT Data Management - Senior Manager Wilkins
A 91/2021 Revision of the 2021-2027 STIP Transit Funding - Deputy Secretary Rewis
A 90/2021 Bridge Program Revisions - Deputy Secretary Colvin
A 89/2021 Adjournment (Action Required) - Chairman Fishburne
A 87/2021 Changes to the State Highway System - Deputy Secretary Rewis
A 86/2021 Revision of the 2021-2027 STIP Highway Funding - Deputy Secretary Rewis
A 85/2021 21-Day Public Comment Period - Deputy Secretary Rewis
P 29/2021 Secretary of Transportation Report - Secretary Hall
RES 11/2021 Resolution Honoring Charles B. Kennedy
A 84/2021 Approval of Meeting Minutes and Actions (Action Required) - Chairman Fishburne
A 83/2021 Approval of Meeting Agenda (Action Required) - Chairman Fishburne
R 9/2021 Ratification of Extensions - Deputy Secretary Colvin