Agenda items
Number Description Department
39/2023 Budget Work Session for FY 2023-2024 Finance Details
38/2023 Membership in Coalition Commission Details
36/2023 Jan Wafful - Otero Film Office Administration Details
35/2023 Request public hearing on Ordinance establishing franchise agreement with Chaparral Cablevision Legal Details
34/2023 Healthcare Assistance Claims and Disposition Claims for March 2023. Health Care Services Details
33/2023 Request approval of Account Payable Bills Lists BL#30, BL#30A, BL#31, BL#32 and BL#33 Finance Details
32/2023 Public Hearing for SRS Title III Funds Emergency Services Details
31/2023 Request approval of Resolution #03-09-23/111-45 Budget Adjustments Finance Details
30/2023 February 9, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes Clerk Details
29/2023 YES Program Commission Details