Agenda items
Number Description Department
80/2024 Budget Work Session - Legal and Convenience Center Departments Finance Details
81/2024 Discuss and consider the applications for Community Services grant funding for FY 2024-2025. Finance Details
79/2024 Request approval of Resolution #04-11-24/112-37 establishing forms for lodger’s tax forms Legal Details
76/2024 Resolution 04-11-24/112-38 designation of general fund use of lodgers tax Legal Details
77/2024 Ordinance 24-01 County Lodgers Tax Commission Details
78/2024 Request approval of March 21, 2024 Budget Work Session Minutes Clerk Details
75/2024 Request approval of Resolution #04-11-24/112-41 NMDOT Project Fund FY 2024/2025 Roads Details
57/2024 Boundary Line Foundation Commission Details
58/2024 Stone Garden part time position Sheriff Details
59/2024 NRA Public Range Fund Grant Rifle Range Details