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Consideration of Consent Agenda - (Action)

Executive Office
Consideration of Consent Agenda - (Action)
• Minutes to the August 23, 2023 Audit Committee Meeting
• Minutes to the August 23, 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting
• Minutes to the August 23, 2023 Joint Meeting of the Board of Trustees and Investment Advisory Committee
• Internal Audit Report: Status of Audit Recommendations
• Actuarial Valuation of Retiree Health Insurance Benefits as of August 31, 2023
• HealthSelect Plan Compliance and Operational Updates for Fiscal Year Programs
• Quarterly Performance of Texa$aver Investment Options
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Exhibit A - Audit Committee Minutes from August 23 2023 meeting pdf 178 kB
Exhibit B - Board of Trustees Minutes from August 23 2023 meeting pdf 327 kB
Exhibit C - Joint Board IAC Minutes for August 23 2023 meeting pdf 269 kB
Exhibit D - Status of Audit Recommendations pdf 157 kB
Exhibit E - Actuarial Valuation of OPEB under GBP GASB 74 for Fiscal Year End 2023 pdf 2 MB
Exhibit F -GBP Vendor Contract Monitoring Overview pdf 40 kB
Exhibit G- GBP Optional Benefit Plans Updates and Compliance Overview FY2023 pdf 78 kB
Exhibit H - GBP Enrollment Information pdf 44 kB
Exhibit I - Texa$aver performance report pdf 113 kB
SLIDES- Consent Agenda pdf 81 kB
Move that the Board approve all items on the Consent Agenda as presented.
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