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Executive Session

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Executive Session - In accordance with Section 551.089, Texas Government Code, the Board of Trustees will meet in executive session to discuss: (1) security assessments or deployments relating to information resources technology; (2) network security information as described by Section 2059.055(b); or (3) the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation, of security personnel, critical infrastructure, or security devices. Thereafter, the Board may consider appropriate action in open session.
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Discussed at meetings:
Meeting BTAC - 1/2022 on 3/9/2022 by Joint Meeting Board & Investment Committee
Topic: Meeting of the ERS Board of Trustees
Minutes: No.26
Executive Session


Meeting of the ERS Board of Trustees

Location of Meeting:
Teacher Retirement System of Texas
1000 Red River Street, Austin, TX 78701

NOTES: 1. Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need special assistance are requested to contact Kelly Davenport at (512) 867-7772 three to five (3-5) working days prior to the meeting date so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
2. The Employee Retirement System of Texas Board of Trustees is scheduled at 8:00 a.m. on the posted meeting date. The Board of Trustees and Investment Advisory Committee are scheduled to meet jointly following the Audit Committee Meeting on the posted meeting date. The Board of Trustees may take up the remaining board agenda items following the Joint meeting of the Board of Trustees and Investment Advisory Committee on the posted meeting date, but may hear those items before or after the anticipated time frame. Meetings are tentatively scheduled to follow each other consecutively, but they may start earlier or later that the posted time depending on the length of the discussions within each agenda item and meeting and other circumstances not presently anticipated. Please note that the sequence of agenda items are only approximate, and the order of meetings or agenda items may be moved or adjusted as necessary.