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Rezoning Request by Jan H. and Susan O. Hauck in Silver Hill Township Containing 1.55 Acres from CU-RC to RA-2

Applicants are seeking to rezone their property containing 1.55 acres more or less from that of CU-RC, Conditional Use Rural Commercial District to that of RA-2, Rural Agricultural District. Applicants operated a barber shop and styling salon at the same location as their residence. They no longer operate the business and now feel it is in their best interests to restore the original zoning RA-2 in order to make the property more marketable. They intend to sell their property. Property is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of East Old Highway 64 and New Bowers Road. The shop is an accessory building adjacent to the residence. Clearly the area is primarily used for agricultural purposes with scattered rural residences. Restoring the property back to RA-2 would be reasonable and consistent with the rural character and comprehensive plan for the area. Policies 6.9 and 6.10 of the adopted Land Development Plan provide support to the proposed zoning change. Property is contiguous to an already established RA-2 district. Staff recommends the property to be rezoned from CU-RC district to that of RA-2 district.
For: 6
  • Fred McClure
  • Don W. Truell
  • Steve Shell
  • Zak Crotts
  • Chris Elliott
  • Karen Watford
Against: 0
Abstained: 0
Recused: 0
Absent: 1
  • Todd Yates