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Rezoning Request by Kelly and Paul Hulin, Beneficiares in Emmons Township Containing 8.82 Acres from RS to RA-1

Applicants are seeking to have multiple lots rezoned from that of RS, Low Intensity Residential to that of RA-1, Rural Agricultural District. Said property is located on the east side of NC Highway 109 approximately 675 feet, 1000 feet, and 1300 feet respectively south o f the Ernest Snider Road. A total of 8.82 acres more or less is included in the proposed area to be rezoned. The owner/applicant of Lot 120 has a small wooden frame home that has deteriorated existing on the lot. The property owner would like to demolish the old home now occupied by an elderly parent. He would like to establish a new double-wide manufactured home as his residence and move the elderly parent into his new doublewide so that he can take care of his elderly parent. The other two lots also hav e small wooden frame homes that have become rental properties. Theses owners feel they would also like to have the option of replacing the small wooden frame homes with a new doublewide manufactured home. The properties are contiguous to RA-1 district along the eastern boundaries making the request reasonable and consistent with the comprehensive plan. Policy 6.5 of the Land Development Plan supports the requested rezoning. Staff will recommend approval. :
For: 6
  • Fred McClure
  • Don W. Truell
  • Steve Shell
  • Zak Crotts
  • Chris Elliott
  • Karen Watford
Against: 0
Abstained: 0
Recused: 0
Absent: 1
  • Todd Yates