Agenda items
Number Description Department
280/2019 Purchase of Tractor (Truck) by Landfill County Manager Details
279/2019 Approval of Recombination Plat for Courthouse Area County Attorney Details
276/2019 Recognition - 2019 Digital Counties Award for Information Technology County Manager Details
275/2019 Pay Study Update County Manager Details
274/2019 Declare Items Surplus - 7-18-19 Support Services Details
273/2019 Budget Amendments - Assistant County Manager Details
272/2019 Granting of Utility Easement to City of Lexington for Anode Line County Attorney Details
262/2019 Discussion on Bridge and Road at Landfill County Manager Details
261/2019 Discussion Regarding Towing Zone at Courthouse Personnel Parking Lot County Manager Details
263/2019 Acceptance of 5310 Transportation Grant Senior Services Details
264/2019 Request to Add Temporary Position County Manager Details
265/2019 Conveyance of Airport Hangar to Airport Authority County Commissioners Details
266/2019 Approval Letter to DOT for 5K Run - Mandie's Miles 5K County Manager Details
267/2019 JCPC Proposed Membership FY 19-20 County Manager Details
268/2019 Animal Shelter Veterinarian Contract Renewal Details
269/2019 Approval of Minutes - 7-18-19 County Commissioners Details
270/2019 Execution of FY19-20 HCCBG County Funding Plan Senior Services Details
271/2019 Renew NC Forestry Services Agreement for FY 2019-20 County Manager Details
254/2019 CALL TO ORDER Planning and Zoning Details
255/2019 Adoption of Agenda Planning and Zoning Details
256/2019 Approval of Minutes Planning and Zoning Details
257/2019 SPECIAL USE PERMIT Planning and Zoning Details
258/2019 Request by Daniel and Gloria Myers for a Special Use Permit, Class B Planning and Zoning Details
259/2019 New Business Planning and Zoning Details
260/2019 ADJOURN Planning and Zoning Details
253/2019 Designation of Voting and Alternate Delegate - NACo Convention County Manager Details
252/2019 Budget Amendments - Assistant County Manager Details
251/2019 Closed Session - Personnel - 6-25-19 County Manager Details
244/2019 Request by Wake Forest Emergency Medicine to Sublet Hangar at Airport County Manager Details
245/2019 Item to set for Public Hearing - David Stevens Planning and Zoning Details