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Budget Amendment(s) - Assistant County Manager

County Manager
Name Download Ext. Filesize
Taylor Train Proposal doc 53 kB
Parks & Rec Playground Equipment Quote pdf 5 MB
Lexington City Schools Budget Amendment Request pdf 344 kB
Transportation ROAP Budget Amendment Request pdf 465 kB
Register of Deeds Document Restoration Quote pdf 8 MB
Register of Deeds Phone Upgrade Quote pdf 120 kB
Sheriff Office SRO Reclassification Request pdf 55 kB
SRO Amended Agreement doc 92 kB
Health Dept. Invitation Letter from NACCHO pdf 130 kB
School Nurse Amended Agreement doc 80 kB
High Density Shelving Quote pdf 379 kB
Jail Doors and Call Box Quote pdf 282 kB
Senior Services Security Cameras Quote pdf 48 kB
Senior Services Office Furniture Quote (Thomasville) pdf 341 kB
Cooperative Extension Budget Amendment Request pdf 132 kB
Discussed at meetings:
Meeting BOC - 2/2020, Point Q on 1/14/2020 by Board of Commissioners
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